Millennial Money Management with The Wealth Hound

  November 5, 2018  |    Conor   |    Student Loans

As you know, Millennials face specific money problems. PerhapsĀ you are grappling with one of the major personal finance issues facing Millennials today – student loans, credit card debt, and retirement savings. We all know these problems exist, but what are the tools and tactics that you can utilize now to help you finally conquer your personal finances?

Not to worry because, in this podcast interview, I have a discussion with Jason (@TheWealthHound) from The Wealth Hound Podcast about the high-level strategic objectives about meeting specific money goals, tactical approaches to finally getting out of student debt, and how to think about retirement savings.

We also talk about what makes Millennials different from previous generations, why it is okay to deferĀ saving for retirement, and the incredible advantages of adopting an intentional focus when it comes to your money journey.

I hope you enjoy our wide-rangingĀ conversation!

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