The Best Defensive Position

  March 9, 2020  |    Conor   |    Investing

The best defense is a good offense. Scoring more points wins the game, plain and simple. In the game of personal finance, the same is true. For those looking to score more points, the answer doesn’t always lie in saving or investing more. Instead, it revolves around making sure your financial infrastructure is sound, secure,…

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10 Steps to Become a Millionaire

  January 30, 2020  |    Conor   |    Investing

Everyone wants to become a millionaire; it’s part of the American dream. Our culture celebrates the status of becoming a millionaire, and for good reason, it takes significant focus and long-term effort to get there.  The reality is that with hard work and determination you too can become one. According to Fidelity’s Millionaire Outlook survey,…

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Hack Your Way To Wealth

  November 4, 2019  |    Conor   |    Investing

Hacking. It’s the new way to prosperity. Escape the labor and enjoy the fruits. Get the juice without the squeeze. The allure of a quick win is what makes the hack is so appealing. But the good hacks, the ones worth pursuing, are hard to find. Their paths quickly become saturated and the arbitrage, which…

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Investing In Others

  December 3, 2018  |    Conor   |    Investing

Your brain is hardwired for you to begin investing, but not as you might think. Psychology professor Elizabeth Dunn (@DunnHappyLabs) and Harvard Business School (@HarvardHBS) professor Michael Norton have teamed up to prove this to Millennials.  In their book Happy Money: The Science of Happier Spending, the pair focus on sharing five key behaviors that…

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Investing: The Slow Drip

  September 27, 2018  |    Conor   |    Investing

What makes an investor great? For those new to investing, the naive answer often includes phrases like ultra-high returns, big bets, or risk-taking. But the research shows otherwise. In a Harvard Business Review article, researchers describe the difference between companies in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry who gain momentum through innovation, specifically when it…

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Personal Capital, Investing, And The Rich

  June 16, 2018  |    Conor   |    Investing

Focus. That is what it takes to reach financial success. It takes a persistent focus to get better every day, it takes a strategic outlook, and it takes a dedicated approach. Every year counts. But each year brings new challenges. For investors (like you) this means changing industry, market, and company risks, all of which have…

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