Millennial Money Makeover is more than a book; it’s a tool. Use that tool to your full advantage. One of the first steps is to put pen to paper. This step is critical in personal finance. That is why throughout Millennial Money Makeover, you work on writing down key goals, financial milestones, budgets, and scenario planning to help you complete your money makeover as quickly and effectively as possible.

As you progress through Millennial Money Makeover, you will be referenced back to this website to receive your downloadable worksheets. Well, here are the Millennial Money Makeover Worksheets!

The Millennial Money Makeover Worksheets are excellent to use while you read the book. Feel free to reference or download them as many times as you want. How fast you makeover your financial life is entirely up to you. So get after it!

If you download these worksheets without reading the book, they probably won’t be as helpful, but feel free to try anyway.