What Are The 6 Makeover Milestones?


Conor Richardson’s 6 Money Makeover Milestones¬†are a proven playbook for any Millennial to¬†eliminate debt, build up savings, and invest into the rich life! They will take you on a step-by-step journey to regain control of your financial life.




Why The Makeover Milestones Work


Conor’s Makeover Milestones are different because they are made for you.¬† Millennials face unique challenges – staggering student loans, massive credit card debt, trouble with investing. These makeover milestones provide you with a proven playbook to help you reach the rich life!




Who is Conor Richardson?

After searching for ways to effectively deal with the modern Millennial condition – nagging student loans, credit card debt, dealing with life’s biggest expenses, and beginning to invest – Conor developed the Millennial Money Makeover and the 6 Makeover Milestones. This step-by-step guide has already helped thousands of people claim back their life back. Why not you?

There is a reason you are here. If you are wondering: Can I really turn my financial life around? The answer is YES!

You deserve a money makeover. Begin today with Makeover Milestone #1 and make the decision to turn professional with your money!


Makeover Milestone 1: Decide To Change Your Life

One rich decision can change your life forever. The most important financial choice you can ever make is to turn professional with your money. This means making the conscious choice today to begin the power of positive momentum and commit to taking control of your personal finances. Millennials face this choice every day. It is time to start. Learn how here.


Makeover Milestone 2: Get Rid of All Your Debt

You can beat your debt. Discover how to eliminate your student loans, credit card debt, and consumer loans by harnessing the power of science. By using the debt snowball method Рpaying your smallest balances first Рit is proven that you will pay off your total debts quicker. Personal Finance is much more about getting the right money habits down. The debt snowball method is a game changer.


Makeover Milestone 3: Build A $3,000 Emergency Fund

Virtually every financial planner agrees: you need an emergency fund.  And you need one that meets the modern Millennial condition. Starting a $3,000 emergency fund and you will hedge against the inevitable unforeseen disaster. This might look daunting now, but the secret is in the sauce.


Makeover Milestone 4: Create Your Slush Fund

After uncovering the financial bliss from protecting yourself with an Emergency Fund, the next step is to distance yourself from that paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle. This means shoring up your cushion and generating a slush fund of 3 Р6 months worth of living expenses.


Makeover Milestone 5: Invest and Automate Your Financial Ecosystem

The secret to getting rich is out. Investing is the fastest way to get to the rich life. This is now millionaires stay millionaires and this is how you are going to change the trajectory of your life. Once you start getting your cash to work for you, automating your financial ecosystem will expedite your path to financial freedom.


Makeover Milestone 6: Lead A Rich Life

Life is about more than money (Yes – I just said that). Once you have the wheels to success in motion the rich life will come speeding at you. This rich life allows you to pursue your passions, focus on your calling, and accelerating your career. This rich life is waiting.